Becoming a candidate

If you consider yourself to be neurodiverse and are looking for a company that recognizes your skills and accommodates your needs, you've come to the right place! We have new job opportunities every week. Fill out our registration form and submit your resume by clicking the registration button below :

Job Coaching

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Employment coaching consists of a series of interventions that aim to support any employee with a neurodiversity background in their work environment. These interventions are based on the strengths of each individual and are focused on meeting needs. They can be of different nature and include, among others, the following actions :

• Identification of a sponsor in the company's team

• Preparation for the selection interview, both for the interviewers and for the candidates

• Support by the coach during the interview and other selection steps

• Awareness of the work environment before the arrival on the job

• Visit of the workplace with the selected candidate

• Presence of the coach on the day of the start of the job

• Regular follow-up meetings and ongoing feedback for consultants, either remotely or on-site

• Regular and ad hoc communication with the sponsor

• Creation and implementation of monitoring and support tools Monitoring of performance objectives

• Collaboration with the different actors working with the consultant, in a systemic approach

• Adjustment of the frequency of the coaching according to the needs

Coaching is available throughout the consultant's presence on the company's team. The Neuro Plus coaching team can be reached at any time during the mission, without having to wait for the next follow-up appointment.

Recruitment process

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Our recruitment process is adapted to our neurodiverse candidates. The different steps of the process are designed to get to know the candidate, evaluate his or her skills and challenges in order to :

• Provide personalized support to remove sources of anxiety or stress related to the work environment

• Target our job search to perfectly match the candidate's skills profile and the client's needs

We look forward to meeting you!
— The Neuro Plus team.